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About Us

The Institute of Career Growth has been established with an aim to give opportunity to students to do Vocational Courses as per their aptitude and attributes. Foreign Direct Investment has opened up flood gates of job opportunities in different sectors.
The jobs require micro specialization. Merely having academic qualification does not guarantee a job in the present scenario. Having additional qualification is an essential requirement to find a suitable job. Keeping this in view the Institute has launched various vocational courses which groom, Students to the requirement of the Industry. The courses are structured job specific. The faculty is drawn from the Industry who are fully aware of the requirements of the Industry and changes if any are incorporated in the curriculum so that the students are well trained.
Students get an opportunity to have add-on qualification which will give them an edge over others with specific qualification. The students can continue with their academic pursuits by joining evening classes or online courses so it gives them an opportunity to Earn as well as Learn.
The Director of the Institute has been the erstwhile Director of the Institute of Career Studies YMCA where he planned and successfully launched various Vocational Courses. He is a famous Career counsellor who conducts career counselling sessions on prominent TV channel and Radio stations. He is an expert in 'Interview Technique"
Each and every candidate seeking admission would be personally counseled and advised about the suitability of the course and future job prospects. An all out effort will be made to help out the students for identifying jobs; however it does not guarantee any job placement. Efforts will be made to guide the students for possible avenues of job.