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Course Details


Travel industry is the future of the country's growth.

Eligibility: 10+2
Duration:5 months
Timing: One Hour a day; 5 Days in a week

Purpose of the Course: This course will provide the students to understand fully about the Travel Trade Industry and the Service Industry. It will guide them about the working of an Airline (Domestic/International) on passage side only. This includes the working of city office as well as Airport handling of an Airline.

Working of a Travel Agency:The course will give full information of the modalities of working of a Travel Agency, Types of Travel Agency and specialization on any field of Travel Agency.

The Students will be given knowledge of Passenger handling/Customer Services, Sales/ Accounts and Airport Ground handling.

The Course will contain information about Travel & Airlines.

The Course will benefit: The students in particular as well as Airlines – Domestic & International, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, GSAs and PSAs of Airlines, Hoteliers and even the big multinational companies as they have their own Travel Desk/Counter. Government and Semi-Government Organisations to deal with their travel requirements that have their own offices.

The course will help the students to appear in IATA -UFTAA Foundation as well as other Advance Courses, as the course material and contents are based on the same pattern.

Course Contents

  • Travel Trade/Airlines, History of Airlines, Working of an Airline
  • World Geography, Terms and Definitions
  • Preparation of Itineraries
  • •Fare Calculations
  • Ticketing (Domestic and International)
  • Reporting of Tickets (Accounts)
  • •Passport (Preparation)
  • VISA••••
  • •Foreign Exchange
  • • R.B.I. Regulations (Manual)
  • • Reservation of Airlines-Booking-PNR
  • • Hotel Reservation- Domestic and International
  • • Airport Handling- Check in counter
  • Information
  • VIP Handling/Escorting
  • Preparation of Trim Sheet
  • • Ministries (Indian) involved directly or indirectly with the Travel Trade
  • • Personality Development
  • • Body Language