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Course Details


If you want an additional advantage of a language.

Eligibility: 10+2
Duration:5 Months
Timing: Classes 1½ Hrs per day; 3 Days a week

Course Contents:

  • Phonetics: It will explain how to pronounce sounds, words and phrases with special emphasis on how to articulate those sounds which occur only in that particular language.
  • Vocabulary & Conversation: This will cover day to day happenings to develop students' interest in the language. e.g. the Family, Nationality, Fractions and Counting, Telling Time, at the Hotel, Bank, Post Office, Doctor Etc.
  • Grammar: This will cover basic Grammar relating to various parts of speech to enable the students to have a grammatically correct knowledge of the language.

The objective is to train students to be self- reliant with regard to the spoken and written language.