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Course Details


For improving self-confidence join english language

Eligibility: 10+2
Duration:2 Months
Timing: 1 ½ Hours daily. 4 Days a week
Objective: The Principle objective of the General and Corporate English Course is to:

  • Improve standard of English of those wishing to appear for competitive examinations.
  • Help Professionals in business establishments to improve their conversational and writing ability In English language.
  • Help students who had their education in Hindi or other vernacular medium and who wish to acquire adequate proficiency in English to facilitate their higher education.

Course Contents:

  • General English, especially writing of essays, précis, notices, public speaking and other forms of general communication.
  • Comprehension covering all matters of description and observations, public advertisement and reporting, etc. stress will also be laid on the spoken words.
  • Training in spoken English is from the point of view of Viva voce and interviews, thus enabling the students to acquire good speech habits and fluency in conversation and discussion.

Details of Course:


  • English language and its usage; grammar
  • Written English; sentences, Paragraphs, Prose
  • Composition, Comprehension
  • Summarising, Précis writing
  • Preparation of applications, formal and informal letters
  • Social talk, Conversation & Interview technique
  • Speech
  • Catch phrases, Idioms


  • Rules of spoken English
  • Sentence Structure and arrangements parts of speech
  • Pronunciation and practice of certain rules
  • Correction of speech
  • Soft Skills


  • Exercises in vocabulary, word formation, verbal phrases and comprehension and public speaking by inter-active sessions